CHERISH is an Interreg EUROPE project and runs from June 2018 until May 2023.


Fishery communities in the EU share the same challenges with regard to climate change, tourism pressure and the transformation of the European fishing industry.
The EU recognizes the valuable role of their cultural heritage for sustainable development and stimulates increased efforts to better position and profile the fishing
communities, including their intangible heritage, like myths to daily practices, traditions, ecological knowledge and crafts.
The 9 European partners in CHERISH aim to protect and promote cultural heritage in fishing communities.


Municipality of Middelburg (NL)

  1. Development Co. Pafos Aphrodite Ltd (CY)
  2. EUCC - The Coastal Union Germany (DE)
  3. Municipality of Kavala (EL)
  4. Mallorca Island Council-Environment Department (ES)
  5. Snowchange Cooperative (FI)
  6. Abruzzo Region - Rural Development and Fishery Policies Department (IT)
  7. Riga Planning Region (LV)
  8. Intermunicipal Community of Alto Minho (PT)


They will:
• Investigate and analyse the cultural heritage potential of fishing communities in Europe;
• Exchange experiences and good practices on promoting and protecting of cultural heritage;
• Learn about traditional ecological knowledge as part of ultural heritage;
• Improve regional policies with a focus on improving the potential of cultural heritage;
• Develop regional action plans to boost attractiveness for businesses, citizens and tourists.

Finantial suport

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The total budget is 1.83 million euros . FEDER support is 1.52 milion euros.

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