Variant: Can Picafort

The stage 

The past dominates this coast, far beyond the popular beaches, with its tormented vegetation and monoliths built for war that now only serve as motifs for photos.

Who knows what beliefs and ideas made islanders who lived here centuries ago decide to honour their dead on islets and in caves, and above all in the necropolis. Were they brought on by the sea, opening up towards unknown lands and infinite horizons? Whatever the story behind it, it will not leave you indifferent. It will awaken your curiosity and the way it has been constructed will intrigue and attract you. With a bit of luck it may even offer some explanation to what this area is all about.


Starting point:

Carrer Verge de Guadalupe, Son Serra de Marina (3 m)

Finishing point:

Son Bauló, Can Picafort (3 m)



Time required:

1 h 45 min



 6.817 m


Total ascent: 29 m

Total descent: 29 m

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