Variant C: Calvià


The variant

From the town of Calvià, far from the coastal developments that have given it fame, you walk between the slopes of Puig Gros de Mofarès and Puig de Son Font, hillsides that are covered by leafy pine woods and olive groves that have been invaded by the undergrowth, and then cross the boundary into Puigpunyent.

Overlooked by Puig de na Bauçana, and with the hamlet of Galilea and the Puig de Galatzó in the background, you venture into the lands of the roters (smallholders), who, in conditions that nowadays would be quite unthinkable, cleared the soil of rocks, trees and shrubs to bring under cultivation this marginal land, which turned out to be highly unproductive and so today has been abandoned.

Finally, via the short cuts of the Royal Path, you reach the village of Puigpunyent, surrounded by huge mountains and thick holm oak woods, at the end of a valley formed by Sa Riera, Mallorca’s largest mountain stream in Majorca. 

You can check the opened and signposted stages and variants of the Dry Stone Route GR 221 at Map of Majorca's hiking paths.


Starting point:

Calvià (128 m)

Finishing point:

Estellencs (139 m)



Time required:

6 h 30 min



18.146 m


Total ascent: 811 m

Total descent: 800 m

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