Stage 4: Can Boi - Muleta

The stage

This stage of the Ruta de Pedra en Sec GR 221 hiking trail is located between the Es Teix mountains and the northern coast. The lanscape and light of the Mediterranean are at their most glorious, which explains the attraction of this area to artists ever since it was “discovered” by 20th century landscape painters.

From the welcoming village of Deià, you make your way through extensive olive groves admiring the work of dry stone wallers and farmers, which bears witness to the hard toil of the generations that built the countless terraces.

The former telegraph station of Muleta awaits you towards the end of your route; now converted into a refuge for hikers, its location on top of the Cap Gros cliffs near the bay in which Port de Sóller lies, makes it an exceptional viewing point to gaze at the marvellous sunsets.


Starting point:

Refugi de Can Boi (125 m)

Finishing point:

Refugi de Muleta (110 m)



Time required:

3 h 06 min



9.902 m


Total ascent: 362 m

Total descent: 385 m

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